“NISHI-AWA” is the name of the area, which consists of two cities(Miyoshi, Mima) and two towns(Tsurugi, Higashi-Miyoshi) in Tokushima Prefecture.

People in a hamlet are still living life in a traditional lifestyle, inherited over 1000 years.

Here, visitors can discover and experience “Hidden Japan”.

Our company provides a local guide service, especially around NISHI-AWA area including Oboke-Iya Gorge.


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AWA-RE inc. Business Units


1. Local guide service near Iya-valley, Mt. Tsurugi, Wakimachi town
2. Tour planning & production service

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Offering CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) Seminar/ Internship Program based on field work activities

-IT Engineering-

Provide solutions for the social agenda through IT engineering approach
(Under Preparation!)

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英国製のお洒落な折り畳み自転車“The Brompton bicycle”! AWA-REではツアー開催地であ […]


株式会社AWA-REの旅行業登録が無事に済みました。 旅行業登録票は自分で記入しなければなりません。 会社の壁 […]

【5/3, 5/6】GW企画・IoTワークショップを開催します。

ナカガワ・アド(株)様、シモノロ・パーマネント様と共同で、GW期間中に下記WSを開催させていただきます! 【タ […]

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