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◆“Sustainable holyday” Tokushima Brompton Tour to Mountain Village◆

In these tours, you will experience the historical townscape and/or beautiful landscape in Western Tokushima with “the Brompton Bicycle”, stylish folding bike made in England.
About the 1day cycling tour in Tsurugi, we will meet up and start from the nostalgic “Udatsu” town.
Then we will go upstream on Sadamitsu River, the clearest river in Japan and pedal towards the Mt.Tsurugi.
With savoring the change of landscape, we will finally arrive at the World Agricultural Heritage Site, having breathtaking view of beautiful mountains.
We are now providing the cycling tour in Tsurugi town, Anabuki town and Iya valley.

■Participation condition :
Healthy person over 13 years old. Reservation is required 4 days in advance.
Arrange the course according to the physical strength of the participants.

# Anabuki/Tsurugi Course
1 person・・・18,000 yen
2 people・・・9,000yen
3 people・・・7,000yen
over 4 people・・・5,000yen

# Iya Valley Course
1 person・・・20,000 yen
2 people・・・10,000yen
3 people・・・9,000yen
over 4 people・・・6,000yen