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Brompton Scenic Tour in Kurozoh Marshland

In this tour, we will provide 3 hours Brompton (bicycle) tour around the Kurozoh Marshland, which locate at Iya valley.
Kurozoh Marshland is a place where you can enjoy aquatic plants such as Egret flower (in August), Sphagnum palustre (Moss), and so on.

Tour itinerary:
・Meet up at JR Awa-Ikeda station
| Taxi
・Kurozoh Marshland
| Brompton cycling
・Iya valley road
| Brompton cycling
・JR Awa-Ikeda station (Tour end)

( Japanese Description )
祖谷のふもとの町、阿波池田を出発点とし、タクシーを用いて標高600mの「黒沢湿原」まで上がります。黒沢湿原は季節によって オオミズゴケ・サギソウ・イシモチソウ・キセルアザミなどの水生植物が楽しめる場所となっており、そこでの景観を満喫した後、Bromptonに乗って祖谷街道側へと下っていきます。


Tour Info

Tour Type:
Half Day Tour
Tour Place:
Iya Valley
Tour Price:
5,400 Yen / Person
Group (4-6 ppl):
Yen / Person
Child Price (Under 12):
2,700 Yen / Person
Age limit:
Over 10 Years Old
Tour Start:
Tour End:
Min Number:
2 People
Max Number:
6 People
Price includes:
Guide Fee / Brompton bicycle / Helmet
Not included:
Transportation Fee (Taxi)
Booking Deadline:
2 Days prior to the tour date
* If you want to join the tour on short notice, please contact us

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